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Trail Butter

I picked these up at REI the other day and I thought I would share. This is a great snack that is good for you and packs a bundle of energy for the trail. This is a good source of nutrition without the fuss of having to stop and break out the cook set. I continuously look for fast ways to reenergize on the go and these fit the bill. Check them out through the link below, they make all shapes and sizes to that will fit your adventure.

Trail Butter Site

Trail Food

Pocket Coffee Espresso










I came across these this past weekend at Whole Foods and let me tell you, these little delights pack a punch. When I think of these, I am thinking of those mornings when conditions just don’t allow you to get out the cookware. Milk chocolate covers a thin wafer with a heavy shot of espresso. These little things gave me a burst of energy like I had just had a pot of coffee. They will most likely have a permanent place in my pack on every trip.

Bear Creek Trail Food

Cheddar Potato Soup Mix


I have started keeping a record of the different foods that I find that can accompany me on the trail. This happens to be one that my lovely wife found and picked up for me today. It says to mix 8 cups water, bring to a boil and simmer for about 5 minutes. You could divide the bag into 4 trail servings, which is about a bowl of soup per serving. This would equate to 3 ounces of soup mix, to 2 cups of water.

Taste Test

If had come home and my wife told me she was making homemade soup, I would have never known the difference.¬†At less than $3.00 for basically 4 servings of potato¬†soup, you can’t beat it. Do yourself a favor and try it.


Trail Food

Tasty Bite Meals


I came across these meals this weekend at Whole Foods and thought I would share. The amazing thing about these meals was the fact that one of the directions says, “Submerge the unopened pouch in water and boil for 5 minutes, then eat directly from the pouch.” I thought this was a great idea because you could use any water to heat the pouch. They also claim to be very healthy. I am always in the market for new ideas for trail food and this is about half the price of the usually dehydrated meals. I also checked the weight and they are weighing in at about 9 oz. per pouch.