Hammock Camping on a Budget

Get Out!

So you want to give hammock camping a try but you don’t want to shell out a lot of cash to do it. Or…maybe you’ve spent a night or two in a hammock and you know you like it but you just don’t have the bucks to shell out for the latest gear to keep you warm, comfy and off the ground. Unfortunately, hammock camping, like most obsess…errrr…addict…ummm, no…hobbies, yeah, that’s it, hobbies, can be rather expensive. A starter hammock without a built-in bug net will typically cost $45 to $65. Add another $25 to $40 for suspension. A silnylon tarp, ridgeline, tie-outs and stakes will set one back at least $100 and warm weather top and underquilts, can be upwards of $300 combined. Live in an area with lots of skeeters, no-see-ums or vampires? You may also want a bug net…there goes another $50 or more.

One could easily…

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