First Aid Kits


What is in the kit?

January 21, 2016

When you first see the title, you probably think I am going to go into a long boring discussion about what comes in a first aid kit. The title was actually a question for you to determine if you have ever looked inside your kit. Most people today (I am also guilty) will go out and purchase a first aid kit and never open it. They throw the thing in their pack and off to the trail they go. They have a false sense of security knowing the kit is in their pack and they feel safer for it being there. I am writing this because I went to my first aid kit to retrieve the burn cream for my wife, who had burned her finger, and I realized that there was no burn cream in my kit. This prompted me to take the kit out and look through it; instead of multifunctional items that could save my life, I mostly found a bunch of bandages and not much else. At that moment, I realized how lucky I was to have discovered this now and not 8 miles back on the trail suffering from a serious laceration somewhere. This got me to thinking how many of us who might be looked upon as a make-believe doctor on the trail, have never actually taken out our first aid kits and practiced with them. I’m guilty of this myself: having spent hours playing, preparing and practicing with everything else, I have never practiced with the one thing that could save my life.


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