Outdoor Tips

Water Bottle vs. Hydration Bladder

January 20, 2016


    When I go on a short or long hikes I always bring my small pack with my hydration bladder to make sure I have plenty of hydration. When I go on an overnight trip or longer I choose to take bottles and a filter for two reasons. First, the bladder creates a weird shape to try and work around when trying to pack the pack. Second, I can use the water bottle at night as a source of warmth if needed. I always carry 2 X 32 oz. Wide Mouth Nalgene Bottles. One attached to my backpack shoulder strap and one packed away in my pack full of water. I also carry my MSR Mini Works EX filter along with a 2 liter MSR Hydromedary that I use at camp. What I like to do is fill my pot with water that I have filtered at bedtime, boil the water and place it back in the bottle that emptied on the hike that day. Place that bottle in my sleeping bag at my feet and it will provide warmth for hours while I sleep. The next morning I have cooled drinking water literally at my feet.

Products Discussed

MSR MiniWorks EX

MSR Dromedary

Nalgene Wide Mouth


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