Flat Creek Hike

Flat Creek Public Fishing Area (PFA)
Perry, Georgia
Saturday, January 16, 2016

I have been hiking Flat Creek PFA for many years now and I can honestly say out of all the places I have hiked, it always provides surprises. This hike started like all of the rest, I crossed the open fields to get to the road that enters the woods, then I made my way to the old cypress flat pond deep in the forest.


Once there I stopped, hung my Hammock and then waited to see if I might see any wildlife moving along the edges. Being pretty uneventful I decided to pack up and move on, as I was walking to a different section I stopped to notice something unusual in the road. It looked like a dog had been scratching at the ground and it looked fresh. At that moment I heard the woods come alive around me and when I looked up, I was staring at a pack of coyotes. I had never been that close to a pack before, I could have literally brushed one with my hand as he sped by me to take retreat. I counted six in the middle of the commotion and got no pictures before they had vanished as fast as they appeared. After taking a moment to take it all in I moved on to next stop. I got to back of the lake and took a few pictures and then found the place where they had been bedding quite often.


As I left this area I checked my GPS and had gone about three miles when I decided to do another three, so I took the right fork in the trail. It was about ten minutes after making that decision that I almost stepped on the four foot Timer Rattlesnake.


I guess it being about 58 degrees outside it had crawled out to get some sun. Whatever the case I took that as sign to turn around and head back to the truck and calling it a day. I can honestly say that every time I go here to take a walk or do a good hike, I always come out with a good (or bad) story to tell.


One thought on “Flat Creek Hike

  1. Oh wow, Rattler! I never saw any until I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I was hiking up in one of the canyons and it came across the path. I stepped back and observed it, he/she was beautiful! It is a surreal feeling being alone on the path and crossing one.

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