Hammock vs. Tent Camping

One of the newest transformations taking place in the world of backpacking and camping is the hammock. The hammock has been around for centuries and has always been thought of as something you would hang by the beach or in your backyard. In the past couple of years people have discovered the advantage of sleeping in a hammock vs. a tent. This idea is so new in the US that it is hard to even find very many vendors in the market of hammock camping, but if you start doing any research you will find tons of people searching for information on the subject. So what exactly is driving this sudden madness to throw everything out that people have spent decades collecting and start over? When you hear the answers, it makes you stop and ask yourself, why didn’t I think of that?

  • Comfort

I would have to say the first and top reason is comfort. Let’s face it: sleeping in a tent can be uncomfortable compared to your bed. When you lie in a hammock, it is like lying on a fluffy cloud. The first time I got in my parachute hammock I almost fell asleep and that was in the backyard just trying it out. Once you master the proper hang and angle you will be sleeping as flat as your mattress at home. If you have ever trekked into the back country and then tried to find flat ground that has no roots or rocks, then you know what a pain it is. In my opinion the hammock will win every time in the category of comfort.

  • Weight

Once again when I factor in my hammock gear vs. my backpacking tent, the hammock wins every time. With my hammock setup (Hennessy Hex Tarp 24 oz, Yukon Outfitters Double 17 oz, Klymit Static V Insulated 21 oz) I am still way below the weight of my tent, which is almost 6 lbs. (Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2). If you are trying to save weight in your pack (and most everyone is in today’s backpacking) then hammock camping is for you.

  • Luxuries

I am going to list all of these next items together. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to bugs: if it does not fly, then you do not have to worry about it in a hammock. This means all you will need is a bug net for your hammock for mosquitoes. NO MORE BUGS CRAWLING ON YOU OR YOUR BED! Most people don’t realize that the bugs that are on your tent or supplies come from the ground and not trees. Since your hammock is attached to the trees, you don’t have to worry about it. Next on my list would be the view. The view from your hammock when you wake up gives you what you went out for in the first place: wilderness. You can pitch your tarp as closed or as open as you would like so you can view everything around you. Next is my absolute favorite: your hammock doubles as a chair, couch, swing……………………. The list goes on and on.

Well there you have it, now go out and buy all new gear. I am not saying that but I suggest you at least give it a try if you love being in the outdoors as much as I do. Well as always thanks for reading and please subscribe to any of my social media feeds if you like this post.



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