BearButt Hammocks


I have just reviewed the new Bear Butt Double Parachute Hammock from Bear Butt and I have to say I love it. It is relatively light weighing in at just about 16 oz and the quality of the the stitching is phenomenal.  If you click on my product review page Product Reviews I will publish all of the details along with a video showing the hammock in use along with the pro’s and con’s. So far I am extremely impressed. You can also see my YouTube video review at YouTube BearButt Review

Pro’s and Con’s


  1. Cost – You get a ton of bang for your buck here.
  2. Quality – The quality of this product is very impressive when you consider the stitching and materials used for the hammock.
  3. Weight – the weight is also pretty good (about 1 pound) when you take the provided ropes and carabiners  out of the equation.


  1. Attachments – This is one thing that most people who use hammocks especially hammock campers change because of weight. If you watched my video review then you would know I prefer WhoopieSlings ( ) because of the weight and quality.
  2. Size – This is the real uncontrollable Con of the product. At 6′ wide and 9′ long this is to short for the diagonal posistion for someone like me at 6’2″.

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